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Brief introduction

The A6 Beauty Master is a 5th generation multifunction electro-aesthetic therapy appliance which contains 2 main electrotherapy technologies, that is, microstimulation or elctrolifting using micro currents and electrical muscle stimulation using excitomotor currents. Three methods of eletrolifting have been adopted in the A6 beauty Master that include manual lifting, manual facial hydratone and automatic facial lifting. The physiological effects of elctrolifting depends on the type of manipulation and the type of micro current in each stage of the treatment. Through the built-in eletrolifting expert program, the A6 Beauty Master let the therapist not need to pay attention to the parameters of micro current, and focus on the manipulation in each stage of the treatment process.

On the other hand, the A6 Beauty Master also uses the built-in electrical muscle stimulation expert program to emit programming excitomotor currents depending on the purpose.



1. Manual Lifting 

a. Facial treatment: It can achieve the effect of reducing wrinkle, lifting, tighten skin, replenishing moisture content for wrinkle, drying and senile skin.

b. Eyes treatment: It can achieve the function of improving eye bags, eyes black rings and slackness of the eye muscles, removing eyes wrinkles.

c. Body treatment: It generates stimulation of the fibrils of the subcutaneous connective, which promotes lymphatic and blood drainage and improving the quality and appearance of the body skin.

2. Manual Facial Hydratone

It is to enhance and consolidate the results obtained in the previous manual facial lifting. Thereby attenuating wrinkles due to muscular hypertonia or hypotonia.

3. Automatic Facial lifting

Automatic facial lifting provides the desired results without the therapist's constant presence and participation.

4. Electrical Stimulation

a. Expelling toxin for the whole body: Aimed at honeycomb structure, edema, fat on lower half of the body, circulation difficulty. It can improve circulation system and remove edema and cellulites.

b. Local overweight reduction: Aimed at fat, loose muscle. It can consume energy, metabolize fat, and firm the whole or local muscles.

c. Breast enhancement: Aimed at to enlarge, lifting and firming the slack or drooping breast. It can achieve the effects of breast enhancement, improving contour of breast, firming and lifting breast.

d. Body shaping: Aimed at slimming body. It can achieve the effects of slimming waist, lifting buttock, tighten abdomen, firming thigh and shank.


Electrolifting in A6 Beauty Master

Micro current is one of low-frequency interrupted currents which characterized by its short duration, low voltage, low amplitude impulses. Their characteristic being that they do not act at the neuromuscular level, producing excitomotor, analgesic and other effects but at level of the cells and microstructures (endothelial cells, myofibrils, etc.), producing the physiological effects of microstimulation. Thereby, we call it as electrolifting aesthetic treatment.

There are three methods of eletrolifting in the A6 beauty Master: manual lifting, manual facial hydratone and automatic facial lifting.

1. Manual Lifting

Manual lifting uses two electrodes impregnated with a conductor product that has specific anti-ageing properties, the therapist works over the area to be treated, performing certain manipulations in line with thoroughly researched method.

The A6 Beauty Master emits micro current whose characteristics have been designed to stimulate microstructures at different levels (epidermis, dermis, muscles, etc.) and at successive stages of the treatment. These current are transmitted to the organism by means of cotton pad electrodes impregnated in a good conductive product, preferably a cosmetic containing anti-ageing active ingredients. The electrodes are moved over the skin in line with very specific manipulations.

Each stage of the treatment involves a particular type of manipulation (drainage manoeuvres, stimulation of the dermis by pinching, elongation of contracted muscles, shortening of flaccid muscles, etc.) and a particular type of micro current depending on the purpose.


2. Manual Facial Hydratone

Hydratone combines active micro current rollers with Hydro Mask, a unique, electrically conductive silica gel mask that has been infused with powerful hydrating properties.

The rollers gently massage the face causing the mask to become electrically charged so that the whole face is bathed with rejuvenating energy.

The current delivered by the rollers recharges and replenishes the bio-electrical energy within the facial muscles, restoring tone and firmness.


3. Automatic Facial Lifting

Thanks to the latest technology, pre-set automatic treatment programs can now be incorporated into the A6 Beauty Master. Multiple electrodes are set up at certain predetermined points on the surface of the face and, once the appropriate program has been selected, the A6 Beauty Master emits current through pairs of electrodes placed symmetrically on both sides of the face. The pairing of the electrodes and the sequence of stimulation follow the lines of the sequence of manipulations used in the manual method.

Automatic facial lifting provides the desired results without the therapist's constant presence and participation, although it is true that to get the same results more treatment sessions are necessary. In addition, the shorter sessions (lasting 30 minutes at the most) make it easy to combine this treatment with other manual, cosmetic or electro cosmetic techniques.

The automatic facial treatment is done by placing multiple electrodes on specific points of the facial anatomy and selecting the most appropriate program according to the problem to be treated, the area or site most affected by the skin problems (wrinkles, flabbiness, etc.), the characteristics of the skin to be treated (degree of hydration, vascularisation, skin type, thickness of stratum corneum, etc.) and the particular sensitivity of the patient in question (perception of the sensation of current).


Electrical stimulation caused by excitomotor currents in A6 Beauty Master

Exictomotor current, by their characteristics, are capable of causing muscular contraction, thence the term excitomotor (which excites to movement). It uses a higher intensity output than micro current stimulation, and so is idea for firming and toning the larger body muscles. The current is delivered in a series of short pulses through conductive pads that are positioned over specific muscle groups. As the current passes through the pads it stimulates involuntary muscle contractions thereby passively exercising and toning the muscles. Exictomotor current in the A6 Beauty Master enables clients to experience a total body workout without even breaking a sweat. A series of treatments will redefine body contours and provide measurable inch loss.

Faradic technology enables clients to experience a total body workout without even breaking a sweat. A series of treatments will redefine body contours and provide measurable inch loss.

Indications of excitomotor currents

● Flabbiness and lack of muscle tone.

● Circulatory stasis.

● In Slimming treatments, to avoid secondary slackness.

● In anti-cellulite treatment, to improve the oedematous component involved.

● Stimulating female hormone and lymphatic drainage for breast enhancement, lifting and firming.


The Features

The A6 Beauty Master contains 3980 groups of treatment programs, including built-in eletrolifting expert programs and built-in electrical muscle stimulation expert programs.

● The unique and multiple function technologies combining together produce a remarkable non-surgical face-lift and body perfect effects.

● It is an extremely sophisticated micro-processor controlled device using micro current and low-frequency and low-intensity electrotherapy for a wide ragne of celluar level skincare.

● It assists to restore the declined cellular activities to achieve successful skincare.

● In spite of dealing with very complex biological matters, Built in expert nursing programs make the treatment be extremely simple.

● Cross layer leading-in micro current that is called Super Turbo Function is adopted in the A6 Beauty Master. This way can obtain four times muscle re-education effects, furthermore, the operation time is shortened.



Description Characteristic Parameter
Rated input voltage
AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz or AC110V±10%, 50/60Hz (Optional)
Rated input power
Human interface 6.0" 320×240 mono LCD, English / Spanish Menu
Micro current

● Waveform: patent simulative bioelectric wave

Shape: positive, negative & alternating

Maximum output voltage: 2.85V @10KΩ

Maximum output current: 640uA @10KΩ

Frequency: 0.4-800Hz program pre-set

Burst mode: automatic sequential

Pulse width: program pre-set

Treatment Electrode: Self-adhesive electrode pads

                                  Twin or single prongs probes with cotton tips

Eletrolifting therapy mode

● Manual lifting including facial, eyes and body

● Manual facial hydrotone

● Automatic facial lifting

Excitomotor currents

● Waveform: pulse bust

● Frequency: 1-150Hz program internal setting

● Pulse width: 100-500μs program internal setting

● Polarity: positive, negative & alternately

● Output Voltage: Max.150 Volts(loaded), adjustable by rotary switch

● Output Channel: 10 independent

● Treatment Electrode: Self-adhesive or conductive rubber electrode pads

Dimension 46cm(W)×36cm(D)×14cm(H) / 18.1"(W)×14.2"(D)×5.5"(H)
Net weight 6.1Kg / 13.5 Lbs
Main testing standards IEC/EN 60601-1, IEC/EN 60601-1-2, IEC/EN 60601-1-10


Warranty and Service

3 years free warranty, lifetime maintenance24 hours online serviceMachine will come withAfter-sale:● User's manual● Product online registration● Maintenance manual● Enjoy member services of RaceMBE Club● Training DVD● Invited to join upcoming webinars


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