Amb-mini 四重微电推进抗衰老仪


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The Amb-mini combines the features of our non surgical facial and body therapy techniques into one portable total toning machine. The machine features functions for facial and body toning. The signatures are delivered using our patented technologies. Processes are monitored through a built in biofeedback monitoring computer for optimum program values for every client.

1. Treatment modes include manual lifting for skin toning, manual facial hydratone and Myo-E photo therapy.

2. The manual lifting for skin toning phase uses a combination of specific waveforms and ultra low frequencies that work in harmony with the body's own bio-electrical field to provide an instant face and body firming effect.

3. The manual facial hydratone phase increasing elasticity therapy effects which combines active micro current rollers with hydro mask.

4. A unique Myo-E photo therapy applicator combining the synergy of ESLD light therapy stimulation and micro current is used to instantly plump out and soften deep lines and wrinkles thereby providing a needle free alternative to collagen injections and other dermal fillers.

5. A unique bio-feedback mechanism automatically adjusts the micro current output delivered according to each client's bio electrical field.

6. Selecting treatments is made simple using an easy to use colour touch screen interface and on screen selection menus.

7. The Amb-mini touch screen display features 1998 preset treatment programs and an automatic sequential treatment mode for softening lines and wrinkles, facial toning, hand rejuvenation, sun damage skin hydration, stretchmarks and acne / blemish treatment.



1. Manual lifting for face & body skin toning

Manual lifting uses true micro-current whose intensity of less than one millionth of an amp (< 1mA) and because of it's low intensity it does not cause a physical or visual contraction of the muscle, instead, micro-current stimulation works by a process called muscle re-education.

During treatment all 32 facial muscles are physically manipulated using soft cotton tipped wands (probes) or other attachments that transmit the micro-current impulses.


2. Manual facial hydrotone increasing elasticity therapy

Manual facial hydrotone increasing elasticity therapy combines active micro current rollers with Hydro Mask, a unique, electrically conductive silica gel mask that has been infused with powerful hydrating properties.

The rollers gently massage the face causing the mask to become electrically charged so that the whole face is bathed with rejuvenating energy.

The current delivered by the rollers recharges and replenishes the bio-electrical energy within the facial muscles, restoring tone and firmness.

The energy generated also drives the hydrating actives contained within the gel mask deep into the skin tissue. The gel mask has a dramatic softening action helping to smooth lines and wrinkles. The Hydratone procedure takes just 10-15 minutes to perform and provides immediate and intensive skin hydra and face firming.


3. Myo-E photo therapy stimulating cells action

The Amb-mini offers Myo-E Photo Therapy, a novel application that combines both light and micro-current technologies in the same setting.

The micro-current works on a cellular level to help stimulate the healing process, to provide relief to the myofascial trigger points and to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

Micro-current stimulation is produced in therapy at literally one millionth of an ampere which is believed to be the body's own natural current strength, this therefore, restores the body's own natural current.

Studies have shown that ATP production can increase five folds after micro-current therapy. It also increases protein synthesis and amino acid transport through the different layers of the skin.



The Amb-mini touch screen display features 1998 preset treatment programs and an automatic sequential treatment mode for softening lines and wrinkles, facial toning, hand rejuvenation, sun damage skin hydration, stretchmarks and acne / blemish treatment.




Description Characteristic Parameter
Rated input voltage
AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz or AC110V±10%, 50/60Hz (Optional)
Rated input power
Human interface 8.0" touch TFT screen; IC card management; English/Chinese OS
Micro current

● Waveform: patent simulative bioelectric wave

● Shape: positive, negative & alternating

● Maximum output voltage: 2.85V @10KΩ

● Maximum output current: 640uA @10KΩ

● Frequency: 0.4-800Hz program pre-set

● Burst mode: automatic sequential

● Pulse width: program pre-set

● Treatment Electrode: Twin or single prongs probes with cotton tips

Eletrolifting therapy mode

● Manual lifting including facial, eyes and body

● Manual facial hydrotone

Excitomotor current

● Light Wavelength: 625±5nm, 465±5nm, 520±5nm

● Light Delivery: Direct from source

● Type of light modulation: continuous and interval

● Electric Parameter: Turbo ST Micro current

● Myo-E Waveform: pulse bust

● Frequency: 1-120Hz program internal setting

● Pulse width: 100-500μs program internal setting

● Polarity: positive-negative alternately

● Amplitude: Max.40V, adjustable by rotary switch

Dimension 33cm(D)×33cm(W)×19.5 cm(H) / 13"x13"x7.7"
Net weight 4.5Kg / 10Lbs (desktop equipment)
Main testing standards IEC/EN 60601-1, IEC/EN 60601-1-2, IEC/EN 60601-1-10


Warranty and Service

3 years free warranty, lifetime maintenance24 hours online serviceMachine will come withAfter-sale:● User's manual● Product online registration● Maintenance manual● Enjoy member services of RaceMBE Club● Training DVD● Invited to join upcoming webinars

2. The Amb-mini includes a set of single proliferating sphere probes for manual facial hydratone.

3. The Amb-mini includes a small size Myo-E photo therapy probe for face and eyes, and a large one for body.


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